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Museum of Discovery and Science, Fort Lauderdale
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The Dino Mania Summer Extravaganza starts Saturday, May 26, 2007 at the Museum of Discovery and Science & Blockbuster IMAX® Theater featuring a GIGANTIC Dinosaur Adventure for the whole family.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, May 23, 2007 – This summer, the Museum of Discovery and Science & Blockbuster IMAX® Theater have gone all out with “gigantic adventures” for the entire family. We are featuring dinosaurs in three dimensions: DinoMight! - our new robotic dinosaur exhibit; Dinosaurs Alive! – a new 3D IMAX® film; and our first ever Podcast, that is, MODScast, about dinosaurs, making this summer a pre-historic adventure!

Visitors can travel back in time in the new special exhibit DinoMight! and experience life as it was during the Cretaceous period with eleven animatronic dinosaurs that lived on land, in the air and in the sea. They’ll enjoy a pre-historic, underwater expedition to the bottom of Cretaceous oceans to see an Elasmosaurus and a Mosasaurus hunt for fish and ammonites, then emerge from the depths of the sea onto land to see a family of Triceratops grazing. The highlight of the experience will be a face-to-face encounter with the apex predator of the period - a giant Tyrannosaurus rex. Museum visitors will be able to take an interactive guided tour of DinoMight! using their iPods, Mp3 players, or any portable media device, simply by visiting and downloading the Podcast. The new tours will fully immerse guests into the world of dinosaurs. Then hold on to your seats—through the magic of CGI, the eye-popping realism of 3D imagery, and the impact of the giant screen, Dinosaurs Alive! 3D will bring dinosaurs back to life….in a BIG way! We are grateful to our local exhibit sponsors, metroPCS and WSVN Channel 7, and our local film sponsor, FPL.

Dinosaurs Alive! 3D is a unique adventure of science and discovery, guided by some of the world’s preeminent paleontologists from the American Museum of Natural History in New York, viewers will uncover evidence that the descendents of dinosaurs are still with us today. From the exotic, trackless expanses and the sand dunes of Mongolia’s Gobi Desert to the dramatic sandstone buttes of New Mexico, viewers will discover some of the greatest dinosaur finds in history.

Dinosaurs Alive! will bring these dinosaurs to life with the magic of scientifically accurate and stunningly realistic computer-generated animation. More than eight species of dinosaurs from the Triassic Period to the monsters of the Cretaceous will immerse audiences on a journey into their world. One of the most dramatic sequences in the film features a Velociraptor and a Protoceratops who were locked in mortal combat when a sand dune swept over them and killed them instantly. They died in a deadly embrace, claws and jaws still grasping at each other. Dinosaurs Alive is a production of David Clark Inc., Giant Screen Films, the Maryland Science Center, and Stardust Blue, LLC, in association with the American Museum of Natural History. The film is directed by large-format veterans Bayley Silleck and David Clark with cinematography by Bill Reeve. Major funding has been provided by the National Science Foundation with additional support from the Museum Film Network, and 3D Film Interest Group. The film is distributed by Giant Screen Films of Evanston, IL.

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