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Museum of Discovery and Science, Fort Lauderdale
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Press Box

Close Encounters of the “Strange” Kind at the
Museum of Discovery and Science This Summer!

The Adventure Begins June 11, 2004

Fort Lauderdale, May 25, 2004 –The Museum of Discovery and Science visitors are in for a double dose of “strange” this summer with the new IMAX® film, Alien Adventure 3D, and a new exhibit, Strange Matter, both will open on June 11, 2004 and run through the summer. Museum visitors can take amusement park rides with aliens through the power of IMAX®, discover the amazing world of modern materials, experience cool, hands-on demonstrations presented by Material Researchers from Motorola’s Advance Product Technology Center, and watch Science Café chefs whip up gooey slime.

Alien Adventure 3D is a wacky blend of amusement park ride, sci-fi adventure and comedy that will please the whole family. The premise of writer/director Ben Stassen's mind-blowing effort is that goofy aliens, in search of a new home, drop by Earth to check us out.

Only problem is they set down at a newly constructed theme park, unaware that the futuristic architecture represents not our highly evolved society but our obsession with being entertained. These intrepid explorers soon find themselves experiencing a series of thrill rides that send them hurtling through a variety of eerie environments (a toboggan careens through a snow-packed Arctic maze, a flying carpet whips through an Arabian nights fantasy overseen by a genie, a submarine explores the ocean floor, a roller coaster roars on tracks laid through a child's bedroom so oversized we feel we've been reduced to the size of a toy soldier). Find out if extraterrestrials enjoy earthly entertainment in this 3D family adventure.

Come explore Strange Matter our new interactive exhibition that explores the bizarre world of modern materials and material science. You’ll uncover the surprising science behind everyday stuff. High-tech fields like the space program are known for their use of advanced materials, but these materials have also found their way into the stuff of everyday life – from car shock absorbers and x-ray machines to DVD players and golf clubs. Play with liquids that defy gravity and morph mysteriously.

Strange Activities June 11 - 13, July 10, August 7, 2004:

• Liquid Magnets 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.
Discover the amazing world of ferro-fluids. See how liquid magnets and other similar matter benefit different technologies, and learn how to make your own liquid magnets at home.

• Slimey Science 2:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.
Learn about the messy science of polymers. Watch our Science Cafe Chefs whip up crazy concoctions like slime and a mysterious goo we call OOBLECK.
The Strange Matter exhibition and its tour are made possible by the generous support of the National Science Foundation, Alcan, Dow, Ford Motor Company Fund, Intel® Innovation in Education, and the 3M Foundation.

Strange Matter was designed and fabricated by the Ontario Science Centre and is presented by the Materials Research Society, a not-for-profit scientific association founded in 1973 to promote interdisciplinary, goal-oriented research on materials of technological importance. The Society includes more than 12,500 scientists from industry, government, academia and research laboratories in the United States and nearly 50 other countries.


The mission of the Museum of Discovery and Science is to provide experiential pathways to lifelong learning in science for children and adults through exhibits, programs, and films. Founded in 1976 as The Discovery Center, the nonprofit facility serves approximately 400,000 visitors each year.

The Museum is open seven days per week, Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and Sunday from noon to 6:00 p.m. with extended IMAX hours on Friday and Saturday evenings. General admission prices are $14.00 for adults; $13.00 for seniors; $12.00 for children 3 to 12. Children under 3 are free. A General Admission Ticket includes admission to the Museum exhibits and one IMAX® film. The Museum of Discovery and Science is located downtown at 401 SW Second Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312. For more information about the Museum, visitors should call (954) 467-MODS (6637) or visit our web site at


The Blockbuster® IMAX®Theater owned and operated by the Museum of Discovery and Science, opened in 1992. The 300-seat theater is a showcase of state-of-the-art motion picture technology. The Blockbuster® IMAX®Theater features a 60 ft. x 80 ft. screen and a 15,000 watt digital sound system that delivers six discrete channels of clear sound through 42 speakers.

The IMAX® projector’s 15,000 watt Xenon bulb projects images of unsurpassed brilliance and clarity onto the five-story-high screen. Both 2D and 3D films are shown in the theater. 3D films are viewed using electronic headsets or our new “Kid” friendly glasses. The IMAX® experience is an unparalleled fusion of sight and sound. For show times, visitors should call 954-463-IMAX (4629).


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Museum of Discovery and Science / Blockbuster IMAX Theater - 401 SW 2nd Street, Fort Lauderdale FL 33312. Phone 954-467-6637
Museum of discovery and Science, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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